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To Have And Be

Each of us is given a different starting position in life. There are those born in abundance, those failing and those in the middle. This, for some, is the exact and simple reflection of the injustice of life. However, it is also true that from an economic statistics viewpoint, our starting conditions are only potentially important and numerically irrelevant. What really matters is what we do with what we have; therefore our ability to grow. A 100% profit is an equally deserving success, regardless of the initial […]

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Implementing Artificial Intelligence at Work

We all know how the Internet of Things has made it possible to turn everyday devices into sources of raw data for analysis in order to generate business insight. It has also been witnessed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making analytics more productive and efficient at workplaces too. Enterprises expect much more data to be generated in the years to come as compared to the data generated today. It is believed that AI is now beginning to enter workplaces and corporate organizations, and this change has made […]

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