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How To Keep Your Team From Freezing Under Pressure

First question: Have you ever played poker? I mean real poker, with real money at stake. (“Real” money, of course, being a relative term-primarily relative to your current net worth.) Second question: Have you ever been losing at poker, with real money at stake? You play differently when you’re losing than when you’re winning, don’t you? That’s because there’s more pressure when you’re losing. And when the pressure’s on-when the stakes are the highest-we tend to play more conservatively. We take fewer chances. In other words, we […]

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Meet the startups in the latest Alchemist class

Alchemist is the Valley’s premiere enterprise accelerator and every season they feature a group of promising startups. They are also trying something new this year: they’re putting a reserve button next to each company, allowing angels to express their interest in investing immediately. It’s a clever addition to the demo day model. You can watch the live stream at 3pm PST here. 21Squared – 21Squared is the first fashion app dedicated to help plus-size women find the perfect outfit. 65% of American women are considered plus-sized but […]

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Pet DNA Test Kits Are Giving Out Dangerously Unreliable Health Information

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing services have exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA. Once limited to estimates of familial lineage, more and more new DTC products promise to inform customers about their likelihood of developing major diseases and health conditions. Yet as numerous recent studies and investigative reports have revealed, the results of these analyses range from somewhat inaccurate to downright misleading. The problem lies in the fact that the risk estimates are based not on whole genome sequencing, but rather […]

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